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I've always known that illustration and design were the perfect pathway for me to express myself, and to display my fascination for the world around me. Nature, history, traveling, people, all of these things inspire me to create. Even the little details, like finding a cute tea kettle or reading a poem, I always wonder on how I can incorporate this passion into my work. What results is a mix of elegance and play, fantasy and domesticity, and so much more. I hope that when you take a look at my creations, and learn more about me, I can make you excited for the world too.

For professional inquiries, or any other words you would like to say, please contact sophiaucedart@gmail.com

Sophia Uceda is a recent graduate of ArtCenter College of Design who is interested in fulltime and freelance work. 


September 2018 - December 2022
ArtCenter College of Design

︎︎︎ Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

︎︎︎ Graduated with Distinction (2022) 

︎︎︎ Art Center’s Provost List (Spring 2022 - Summer 2022)

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